what we do


Floral design

With a unique eye for fine elements, attention to detail and refined taste, our team creates gorgeous designs incorporating your personal stories and style to make your fabulous event unforgettable.


We are happy to share our expertise and experience. You can order a concept with a beautifully drawn sketch and a precise description of which flowers to use for the design.


Our own rental shop is at your disposal. Here you can find amazing vases and candlesticks, building structures, arches and podiums for your own designs.

About us


1. Consultation

Our work starts with understanding the client’s personality, style, vision, their preferences, favourite florals, and color palette. We discuss these and other details, such as the client’s budget. At these stage, get ready for many questions from us! This is how we make sure we understand the task perfectly.

2. PrelIminary Quote

Next we prepare a quote for your project. This process takes around a week or less if the project is approaching soon. The quote contains an estimate based on your budget, guest count, floral choice, style, it also includes a draft with the ideas we have for your big day.

3. Reserve date

If you are happy and wish to make it official, we all sign a contract and send you an invoice for a prepayment. And this is where you can breathe out and relax, as the job is on us! We are happy to work with you and will be soon coming to you to get the design approved.

4. Custom Design

Firstly, we need to assess the venue to take all the details into account , and make sure the design will complement the venue. This is where we create a mood board, consider nuances of the venue, and then assemble your style and preferences into a perfect floral symphony.

5. FinalIzing

As the project is ready, we send it to you. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. Here we can make the final adjustments and get the remained questions answered. Then, it is your turn to verify and confirm the project. Finally, we are ready to turn the project into reality!